“I experienced quantum shifts from the last ayahuasca retreat with Tera. What has not changed in my life and business?


I have experienced so increased flow and synchronicities over the past several months on a moment-to-moment basis. It truly is incredible.


There have been so many gifts from the ayahuasca retreat. I could write pages. I received a court settlement —hundreds of thousands of dollars— that had been dragged out for years. It finally resolved itself.


What was once a source of drama I had such peace and detachment, and everything worked out. 


I have met the right contacts and clients in my business. The money keeps flowing in.


The peace and feeling of joy I feel in my life is priceless."




"The biggest transformational leap I've ever experienced! All facilitated by Tera in the most loving, empowering, un judgmental way. Costa Rica is truly a vortex of energy which deepened and catalyze the magical changes."

Lynnee Vide Katz


"I notice that I am enforcing boundaries much more than before.  Not just letting things go because it’s easier.  It’s kind of a small change, but could lead to bigger ones. I appreciate all of your loving support!

Part of it for me is also noticing the difference of energy levels and what no longer serves me.  And being ok to let it go. It feels powerful.“

Marna Schuelke

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