November 7th-14th, 2020 in Nosara, Costa Rica


This is for you, if you dare to go after your dreams, no matter what… 


This is for you if you are ready to shift into the highest version of yourself available that vibes at the frequency of freedom & abundance, to assist in the evolution of humanity and healing of the planet. 


If you can envision the highest version of yourself living your dreams, wouldn't it makes sense to become that person now?


Wouldn't it feel great to let go of what no longer serves you?


Considering that usually, for most people, the biggest obstacle to success is the resistance in themselves, doesn’t it make sense to use the best possible tools to dissolve that resistance and clear the path to materialize your vision with ease? 


Sacred plant medicine has been used for thousands of years to create profound shifts among indigenous tribes, doesn't it make sense to use an ancient technology that’s been used for millennia to get the profound results you are looking for? 














  • ​Are you ready to shift to the highest version of yourself available?

  • Let go of what no longer serves? And access the clearest path to materialize your vision with increased ease?

  • Are you called to work with the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca to accelerate profound shifts in your life?

This is an application only program. We speak to each person to ensure this is aligned for them.

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Business & Life Accelerator of a Lifetime 

Join us for an epic and sacred journey of accelerated evolution among an exclusive gathering of 12 leaders for 7 days at a private 122 acre estate in Costa Rica.


Discover and access the highest version of your self, breakthrough the patterns that keep most leaders capped from the next level of abundance, and learn how to anchor in the frequencies of freedom and flow over a 4-month coaching container. 


Activate Deeper Levels of Freedom & Abundance in All Areas of Your Life  

  • Get clarity on what keeps most leaders capped from accessing the next layers of freedom, beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Discover how to unlock soul memory & collapse your current timeline to accelerate manifesting with plant medicine.

  • Learn how ayahuasca can alchemize the past and dissolve unconscious blockages.

  • Integrate your ayahuasca experience  as it applies to your vision for greater impact and service over a 4 month mastermind with other business leaders

  • Receive clarity on how to have the most powerful journey and how to avoid the pitfalls of negative ayahuasca experiences

  • Walk away with a map on how best to navigate ayahuasca for true alchemy to freedom.

  • Activate your 5D soul memory to break free from limiting beliefs & false programs in a powerful channelled activation.
















The Journey  

The Trillion X Experience is a 7-Day retreat, 4-month full immersion coaching program for entrepreneurs, influencers, professional athletes, creatives, and thought leaders all over the world. 


Our unique methodology The QUANTUM ALCHEMY MAP FOR AYA™ empowers leaders to harness the power of the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca as a multidimensional tool to access deeper levels of freedom and abundance for greater impact in the world.








"The first ayahuasca retreat was born out of desire to serve my clients…"

Tera developed this framework while working with ayahuasca to shift into increased freedom and flow in her life and business.


Their clients asked, where they could go to experience this too? But she wanted to ensure her clients got the best possible support with a trustworthy shaman, not in a ceremony with 50 other people, and it was critical that the experience included integration after the ceremonies. 


Drawing upon her expertise in leadership, energetic medicine, multidimensional healing, affluence coaching, and leading transformational retreats, she felt inspired to create a program unique—exclusively for leaders— so that leaders can leverage the most of their experience with plant medicine and avoid potential hazards and adverse experiences.


Her clients experienced increased flow, manifested epic shifts in their business, improved relationships, and accessed a greater measure of inner peace.







The Experience

Join us for the most epic transformational experience of your life that starts the moment you are invited into this container.


Travel to a secluded 122 acre estate with 2 villas in Nosara, Costa Rica where you have the time to access the truth of your soul, dissolve what no longer serves you, AND receive the upgrades & downloads that are available to you. 


Dine on high-vibrational food prepared by a private chef and during your integration/ reflection time, swim in one of the lap pools perched above the Pacific Ocean.


On a rest day, visit a local waterfall or beach and plunge your body in the frequency of affluence.


Sit in one of the hammocks or lounge areas and listen to the monkeys howl in the background as you reflect on the personal wisdom & deeper clarity you've received about your Divine purpose from last night's journey.


Develop an intimate connection with the plant medicine ayahuasca to access the best version of your self and break free from the past.


Forge deep connections with other heart-centered leaders that last well beyond the 7 day retreat.


And take home with you the "Pura Vida" vibe of Costa Rica. 


Now that you have received profound upgrades, return home to integrate, receiving continued support from Tera and the team, during weekly Mastermind calls & private coaching sessions, to ensure your success as you step into your vision. 

The Facilitators

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D​ 


Founder of the Affluence Codes™. She is the leading expert on affluence, assisting impact-driven leaders to unlock the next layers of  freedom and abundance. 


Her scholarly work on trauma and intergenerational memories informs her signature Conscious Reality Creation Method™, which includes dissolving unconscious  blocks and ancestral patterns. 


Tera helps high achievers realize their freedom vision from a place of ease and flow, not hustle. She now lives in Costa Rica with her husband and three children, leading transformational retreats, coaching CEO’s, and surfing. To learn more, go to


A.J. Maxwell, MBA


Leadership consultant helping CEO's build winning teams and scale for massive growth. He is an internationally known thought leader, speaker and strategic advisor who believes: “The best ideas are found where the work gets done.”


For over 20 years his passion has been creating HIGH PERFORMING organizations through leading edge TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE programs and helping leaders and employees to BREAKTHROUGH and take their enterprises to another level - no matter how successful they already are - in the areas that matter most: leadership, talent, organization and culture.



Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman 


Is a traditional practitioner initiated since 2000 in the Shipibo/Conibo tradition of sacred plants of the Peruvian Amazon.


In 2008, she developped the technology SIBA and has been working with both SIBA and the traditional medicine since then. She became « maestra », teacher-healer in the Ayahuasca tradition in 2013. 


Pancho Crazy Deer 


Has been following the native traditional teachings of the Shipibo since 2010, as well as SIBA’s teachings with Lydia.


Before that, he spent years as a Buddhist monk in Tibet and as a music teacher. 



Lydia and Pancho both dedicate their lives to healing, guiding and teaching the sacred ways of Pachamama, Mother Earth, the path of sacred ecology. They travel all over the planet to share their medicines with all those who wish to free themselves from their limitations. 

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“I experienced quantum shifts from the last ayahuasca retreat with Tera. What has not changed in my life and business?


I have experienced so increased flow and synchronicities over the past several months on a moment-to-moment basis. It truly is incredible.


There have been so many gifts from the ayahuasca retreat. I could write pages. I received a court settlement —hundreds of thousands of dollars— that had been dragged out for years. It finally resolved itself.


What was once a source of drama I had such peace and detachment, and everything worked out. 


I have met the right contacts and clients in my business. The money keeps flowing in.


The peace and feeling of joy I feel in my life is priceless."


Sean Jigolyk







"The biggest transformational leap I've ever experienced! All facilitated by Tera in the most loving, empowering, un judgmental way. Costa Rica is truly a vortex of energy which deepened and catalyze the magical changes."

Lynnee Vide Katz


"I notice that I am enforcing boundaries much more than before.  Not just letting things go because it’s easier.  It’s kind of a small change, but could lead to bigger ones. I appreciate all of your loving support!

Part of it for me is also noticing the difference of energy levels and what no longer serves me.  And being ok to let it go. It feels powerful.“

Marna Schuelke















If you are an impact-driven leader with a desire to access deeper layers of freedom in your life, we know you will be astounded with how plant medicine, when used properly, is an accelerator to your evolution, akin to 20 years of personal development in one week!



If you desire to show up as the highest version of yourself, so you can show up more powerfully to all those whom you serve.


This is an application only program. We speak to each person to ensure this is aligned for them.

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Why Plant Medicine?

What keeps most people capped are the distortions in their field:


Ancestral programs, false codes (beliefs), childhood imprints, emotional blocks, and Bondage Codes (or false programs that have been accepted by collective agreement) that has kept humanity enslaved.


To unlock the multidimensional being (the future version of you who is living your dream) requires dissolving these programs that keep humans anchored in the 3D physical reality.


Ayahuasca is a powerful multidimensional tool to accelerate profound transformation if used correctly.


The sacred plant allows one to unlock access to other dimensions and versions of yourself and recover soul memory of who you are as a Powerful Creator.


More and more people, including CEO's, business professionals, & celebrities, have experimented with ayahuasca to radically transform their lives into deeper alignment with who they are as Divine Beings.


Many have reported access to intuitive gifts, healing from the past, including past individual & generational trauma. and feeling greater peace and flow in their lives.


There has also been corruption in using plant medicine as Ayahuasca has become increasingly commercialized, so that some of the sacredness is lost.


Tera is not a shaman nor a guru.


As a leader, entrepreneur, parent, and coach, she experienced massive transformation in her life, relationships, and her company through working with ayahuasca over the past few years..


But she also witnessed and heard other’s experiences of ayahuasca that tarnish what is truly possible with sacred plant medicine, when not used with respect and proper guidance.


What she found is that many people experience sacred plant medicine journeys, but they are not fully integrating all that ayahuasca has shown them.


Without integration, many people are taking plant medicine like a drug. And they are not reaping all that the sacred plant is here to show them about their life and the next level of their life purpose.


And after working with her shaman Lydia & Pancho and their innovative 

SEIBA technology, she had never experienced a ceremony as powerful before. 


The crystal technology allows the participant to go so much deeper & receive more profound downloads, and the integration is so much smoother. 


And Tera knew that more leaders needed to experience this combination for the most profound transformational experience. 


It’s a Curated & Intimate Tribe of Gamechanging Leaders

Entrepreneurs are going to shift the planet. That is why Tera felt called to work with leaders who are called to serve humanity. As these leaders awaken to the highest version of themselves, they inspire, influence, and activate their tribes to awaken. Tera is selective to invite only those who have a big mission here on earth. And these fellow journeyers become a tight tribe because of the adventure and transformation that they experience together that creates long-lasting, deep soulful connections. 

The Environment of Safety, Comfort, & Intimacy to


Environment predicts your success in everything. That is why the environment that you choose for an ayahuasca journey is key. The Trillion X Experience is exclusive for 12 leaders in an intimate setting, where there is plenty of support from the facilitator and 2 shaman and assistants. The retreat is held in a 122 acre private estate with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The style of the villas are Costa Rican hacienda, where it is comfortable and blends with the natural environment. 

This is an application only program. Tera speaks to each person to ensure this is aligned for them. Please book your complementary chat here: 

What You Will Get

What is Covered:

  • ​Pick up from the Nosara airport in a group shuttle on arrival day and drop off at the Nosara airport on departure day or designated Nosara meeting point
  • Luxury accommodations for 7 nights
  • 7 delicious organic breakfasts
  • 7 delicious healthy lunches 
  • 7 beautiful dinners 
  • Numerous workshops to facilitate deep transformations—activations, breath work, meditation, or yoga to connect deeply to your intuition
  • Entrance fees, tips, and transportation to sites on itinerary
  • A farewell dinner party
  • Lots of fun activities, laughter, connections, love and joy!

What is not Covered:

  • Round-trip airfare to Costa Rica from your home city 
  • Round-trip airfare or shuttle to Nosara
  • Any pre and/or post travel arrangements
  • Souvenirs, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, concierge services 
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Other Important Details:

  • Arrival date: November 7th, 2020
  • Airport:  Liberia International Airport (LIR) or San Jose (SJO)
  • Take a shuttle to Nosara or fly Sansa Airlines to Nosara Airport
  • Departure date: November 14th, 2020
  • Austria Finca in Nosara, Costa Rica 

If you’d like to arrive earlier or stay later to soak up more of the pura vida of Costa Rica, let us know and we can help you plan it!



If you have read this far, and you are feeling called to work with us and join our exclusive soul tribe, and you are committed 100% to your vision and serving the planet with your unique gifts, click on the application button to apply.


We will be reviewing the applications, and if it feels aligned, we will approve the appointment for the interview. If you are not selected this time around, we may lay out a plan for you to support you on your journey, and those who are a good fit will be put on a waiting list for next year, when the spots are full. 

This is an application only program. We speak to each person to ensure this is aligned for them.

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An All-Inclusive Ticket

All you have to do is Show up 


Enjoy organic, high vibrational food prepared by a private chef. We will be following the Dieta, a special diet that works best with ayahuasca. 



Guests will stay in one of the 2 villas with comfortable rooms for privacy and relaxation. 



Work with our shaman who have studied with the Shipibo tribe and bring to the ayahuasca an innovative crystal technology that allows for more profound healing & upgrades & access to downloads, as well as a gentler integration process. 



Feel free to roam the 122 acre estate that borders the local Nosara river, and on our integration days, we will visit a local waterfall and/ or  the beach in Costa Rica. 

This is an application only program. We speak to each person to ensure this is aligned for them. Please book your complementary chat here: 

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