Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. & A.J. Maxwell, M.B.A.




How to unlock the next level of freedom & abundance... working with the plant medicine ayahuasca



How to unlock the next level of freedom & abundance...

working with the plant medicine ayahuasca

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. & A.J. Maxwell, M.B.A.

This is for the Changemakers, Visionaries & Trailblazers

who are ready to play at the highest level

  • Are you ready to shift to the highest version of yourself available?
  • Let go of what no longer serves? 
  • And access the clearest path to materialize your vision with increased ease? 
  • Are you curious how ayahuasca, if used wisely & in a safe environment, can accelerate profound shifts in your life? 

Yes, you say. 





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For the first time ever, we are sharing THE ALCHEMY MAP FOR AYAHUASCA on how to work with ayahuasca as a multidimensional tool to access deeper levels of freedom and abundance.


Over the last few years, we’ve developed this framework in our own lives while working with ayahuasca to shift into increased freedom and flow in our lives and in our business.


Drawing upon our expertise in executive leadership, energetic medicine, multidimensional healing, affluence coaching, and leading transformational retreats, we felt inspired to create a program unique—exclusively for leaders— so that leaders can leverage the most of their experience with plant medicine and avoid potential hazards and adverse experiences.


Our clients experienced increased flow, manifested epic shifts in their business, improved relationships, and accessed a greater measure of inner peace.

If you are an impact-driven leader with a desire to access deeper layers of freedom in your life, we know you will be astounded with how plant medicine, when used properly, is an accelerator to your evolution, akin to 20 years of personal development in one week!


If you desire to show up as the highest version of yourself, so you can show up more powerfully to all those whom you serve,


And you have been feeling curious about working with ayahuasca, and want to find out if it is right for you,


This training is for you!


We created this training for leaders to demystify how to work with ayahuasca as a tool for accelerated evolution. 

What keeps most people capped are the distortions in their field:


Ancestral programs, false codes (beliefs), childhood imprints, emotional blocks, and Bondage Codes (or false programs that have been accepted by collective agreement) that has kept humanity enslaved.


To unlock the multidimensional being (the future version of you who is living your dream) requires dissolving these programs that keep humans anchored in the 3D physical reality.


Ayahuasca is a powerful multidimensional tool to accelerate profound transformation if used correctly.


The sacred plant allows one to unlock access to other dimensions and versions of yourself and recover soul memory of who you are as a Powerful Creator.


More and more people, including CEOs, business professionals, & celebrities, have experimented with ayahuasca to radically transform their lives into deeper alignment with who they are as Divine Beings.


Many have reported access to intuitive gifts, healing from the past, including past individual & generational trauma. and feeling greater peace and flow in their lives.


We have also seen the corruption in using plant medicine as Ayahuasca has become increasingly commercialized, so that some of the sacredness is lost.


We are not shaman nor gurus.


We are both leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, and coaches.


We received massive transformation in our lives, our relationships, and our business through working with ayahuasca over the past few years..


But we also witnessed and heard other’s experiences of ayahuasca that tarnish what is truly possible with sacred plant medicine, when not used with respect and proper guidance.


What we found is that many people experience sacred plant medicine journeys, but they are not fully integrating all that ayahuasca has shown them.


Without integration, many people are taking plant medicine like a drug. And they are not reaping all that the sacred plant is here to show them about their life and the next level of their life purpose.


We created this training for our clients: 


Accelerated Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicine to best prepare our clients who are enrolled in our 3 month multidimensional coaching container that includes a 7 Day immersion with 3 plant medicine ceremonies in Costa Rica.


This training is the pre-term workshop that is required for all our clients as part of this 3-month-program.


We decided to share it with the world, so that anyone empowered with the Alchemy Map for Ayahuasca can make an informed and soul-aligned decision for themselves, if ayahuasca is right for them.


This training includes a powerful channelled activation to recall your soul memory & expand your intuition so you are in the best soul-aligned place to move forward.


So by joining us, you are experiencing our true body of work as if you had paid for it to ensure you receive profound value and insight.

“I experienced quantum shifts from the last ayahuasca retreat with AJ and Tera. What has not changed in my life and business?


I have experienced so increased flow and synchronicities over the past several months on a moment-to-moment basis. It truly is incredible.


There have been so many gifts from the ayahuasca retreat. I could write pages. I received a court settlement —hundreds of thousands of dollars— that had been dragged out for years. It finally resolved itself.


What was once a source of drama I had such peace and detachment, and everything worked out. 


I have met the right contacts and clients in my business. The money keeps flowing in.


The peace and feeling of joy I feel in my life is priceless.'

Sean Jigolyk

In the training & activation you will 

  • Get clarity on what keeps most leaders capped from accessing the next layers of freedom, beyond their wildest dreams

  • Discover how to unlock soul memory & collapse your current timeline to accelerate manifesting with plant medicine 

  • Learn how ayahuasca can alchemize the past and dissolve unconscious blockages 

  • Understand the power of integration to magnify your results from your ayahuasca experience 

  • Receive clarity on how to have the most powerful journey and how to avoid the pitfalls of negative ayahuasca experiences 

  • Walk away with a map on how best to navigate ayahuasca for true alchemy to freedom.

  • Activate your 5D soul memory to break free from limiting beliefs & false programs in a powerful channelled activation 

Why would we give this for free? 


  • If you are intrigued by ayahuasca and are wondering if this is right for you, this training will be empower you to make an informed & soul-aligned decision and to select the shaman & container that will support you to have the best journey.

  • If you are an impact-driven leader who is feeling called to ayahuasca, when you see how powerful this body of work is and the intimate, exclusive, & safe container that we create at our retreats--unique to anything we have seen in the marketplace--we trust you that you will reach out to us to apply, when you are ready.



💫 Evolve and Be Free 💫



Tera & AJ

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Founder of the Affluence Codes™. She is the leading expert on affluence, assisting impact-driven leaders to unlock the next layers of  freedom and abundance. 


Her scholarly work on trauma and intergenerational memories informs her signature Conscious Reality Creation Method™, which includes dissolving unconscious  blocks and ancestral patterns. 


Tera helps high achievers realize their freedom vision from a place of ease and flow, not hustle. She now lives in Costa Rica with her husband and three children, leading transformational retreats, coaching CEO’s,, and surfing. To learn more, go to teramaxwell.com

A.J. Maxwell, M.B.A.

Leadership consultant helping CEOS build winning teams and scale for massive growth. He is an internationally known thought leader, speaker and strategic advisor who believes: “The best ideas are found where the work gets done.”


For over 20 years his passion has been creating HIGH PERFORMING organizations through leading edge TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE programs and helping leaders and employees to BREAKTHROUGH and take their enterprises to another level - no matter how successful they already are - in the areas that matter most: leadership, talent, organization and culture.

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