Freedom Frequency Upgrade:

Activate the Next Level

Freedom & Affluence

in Your Business

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. presents

FREE online workshop

This is for The Crazy Ones, The Wild Ones, The Entrepreneurs, The Rule Breakers, The High Achievers, The One Percenters 

You’re a rare, courageous breed ...


Whose core DNA fuels a deep responsibility to serve humanity.  


Whose soul aches for radical freedom & wealth.


Whose very presence awakens this desire in others.


Walking this path isn’t always easy, but you raised your hand high and chose it.


I see you!

I honour you!

I walk with you!


Yet we’re often working so damn hard to achieve our goals. We push and strive and push and strive, sunup to sundown.


This pushing got us to the top of the first mountain, yet there’s another summit. A level even richer in freedom, impact and abundance.


Yet here is the block. The challenge you get to overcome, if you choose.


The strategy and energy which got you where you are, will not work for where you want to be.


It’s as if you’re suddenly the wrong end of a magnet.    


Your pushing energy literally pushes away the next level of freedom. It’s science. The next level of freedom is simply at a different vibrational frequency.


You need to match its vibrational frequency.

Then it’s yours.


How? Shift yourself into the new vibration, which activates the higher frequency within your soul. Then the mountain comes to you. Promise.

My name is Tera Maxwell, PhD

I’m an Affluence Coach & the founder of the Conscious Reality Creation Method.


It’s a process used with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them expand their reality with ease through the activation and alignment of new energy.


If you’re pushing like you always have, yet now hitting a wall, it’s not your fault.


It’s just evidence you’re ready to upgrade.

Research in Quantum Mechanics and Physics now shows that everything in the Universe is frequency.


That’s everything. Relationships, wealth, business, anything.


So if you desire something new, simply shift your frequency.


If you’re curious to learn how this works, please join me for a special 3-Hour workshop to activate this frequency of freedom.


It’s powerful process previously shared only with private clients. You’re now one of the first to receive it with no prior investment or obligation.


Why? Because the planet is changing. As more leaders step fully into their power as conscious creators, we shift as a collective.


You win big and so does humanity.

During this deep process, you'll:

  • Learn what your “Affluence Frequency” is

  • Release limiting beliefs & emotional blocks that may be keeping you from living in more freedom and affluence

  • Master how to use the Frequency of Freedom to accelerate results

  • Dissolve any energies around needing to struggle or “work hard”

  • Align your energy with your next greatest Vision

  • Learn how to bend time to accelerate your vision

  • Dissolve generational patterns that keep you in the loop of hustle and burnout

  • Smash through the upper limit ceiling most common for people like us

  • Receive crystal clarity on the next steps after this call

It’s a total frequency upgrade, working on the body, mind, and soul.


This process is for those ready to harness the power of the Universe and become the conscious creators you were born to be.


Do it for you.

And please do it for the rest of us.

Upon registering,  you will immediately receive a free gift. It's the cliff notes to my Conscious Reality Creation Method. The blueprint will help you get started accessing  the frequency of freedom right away.

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. helps the impact-driven entrepreneur create freedom in life and business. She is the founder of the Conscious Reality Creation Method.™.and certifier of Affluence Coaches. 

The key to accelerated results, she believes, is soul alignment. 

Her scholarly work on intergenerational memories, particularly for children of immigrants, led her to develop her expertise in releasing ancestral patterns.


Tera and her husband AJ work with CEO'S around the globe, and lead retreats in Costa Rica, where they live a life of freedom with their 3 children in Costa Rica. Tera enjoys surfing everyday.

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