Infinitude: Soul Alliance for Leaders is for the ones

who dare to create the life and business of their dreams, and

are 100% committed to fulfilling their soul’s mission

to support the ushering in the New Earth. 


This journey is for the ones who are ready to shift into the best version of themselves who vibes at the frequency of freedom, abundance, and Divine impact. 

Infinitude: Soul Alliance for Leaders

is a Mastermind for leaders, visionaries, and change makers who desire to access higher levels of freedom & abundance & impact to usher in the New Earth. Over the 12 month journey, they will receive 1-1 support through private coaching & energetic tune-ups with Tera and her Galactic team: 


Infinitude was created for Soul-Missioned Leaders to shift into the realm of existence where this is their truth: 


  • To connect deeply with their Soul Mission & Divine Purpose so they wake up to the motivation, excitement, and conviction that their company is aligned with their soul and their mission.
  • To access deeper states of being in their hearts and the inner peace which infuses their work & life & exponentially impacts their team, clients, and their loved ones. 
  • To dissolve the upper limits to their success so that they create a life & business they love.
  •  To consciously create from the heart rather than the limited mind in order to access the highest levels of abundance and freedom available.
  • To create their life and grow their business with increased flow, ease, and grace.
  • To vibe at higher realms of abundance and freedom necessary to support and co-create the New Earth paradigm shift. 


 Two 60 min sessions a month with Tera for energetic upgrades, subconscious belief clearing, and mindset & spiritual coaching to get in alignment with your soul vision for your life for accelerated manifestation.

 2 VIP Days with Tera in Nosara, Costa Rica or virtual.

✦ Soul Alliance Weekly Checkins for accountability, support and connection with the other Alliance Leaders.

✦ Limited voicemail and text on VOXER for 24/7 support.

Plus The Affluence Codes™

Over this 12-month journey you will Activate 4 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS that cover the 28 Affluence Codes [Freedom Frequency Upgrade, Money Frequency Upgrade, Affluence & Abundance Upgrade, & 5D Soul Memory Upgrade], Deactivate Bondage Codes, become a powerful channel to create your life with more ease and flow, & receive full system upgrades to call in the highest frequency of affluence available to you!

Clear low vibe & false programs that hold you back from receiving.


Up level your identity to match your financial & freedom goals.


 Anchor in the timeline for the next level of freedom & abundance so you can manifest your vision for your life & business & relationships.


 Activate the 28 Affluence Codes in your spiritual DNA so you can have the impact you were born to share with the world. 


 De-Activate Bondage Codes to be free from limiting & self-sabotaging patterns so you can break through your upper limit. 


 Experience inner freedom so you can navigate your life with calm, certainty, and inner knowing. 


 Increase your self-trust  so you can play at a higher level as a leader. 


 Activation of your dormant DNA strands to recall soul memory & powers.


 Recall soul memory so you can access the knowledge, gifts & powers you acquired from other lifetimes. 


 Call back your soul abundance memory and manifestation powers.


✦ Co-Create with the Universe/God, to call in abundance and greater impact.


✦ Discover how to embody your Higher Self so you are magnifying your Divine purpose & soul mission & leaving a legacy on this planet.  


✦ Open up your channel so you can increase your ability to receive direct guidance so you trust yourself. 


✦ Release deeper layers of control so you can be open to receiving greater levels of money flow, opportunities, and support. 


✦ Embody the frequency of certainty so you can call in the clients, the team, and the connections that expand your soul mission.  


✦ Co-Create with the universe (and meet your galactic team) to upgrade your manifestation abilities.









If you cannot make the LIVE event you will be given the recordings and receive a private session with one of our Affluence Coaches to support your integration, but please move mountains to be there live!

Become a Powerful channel to create your life with more

ease and flow, & receive full system upgrades to call in the

highest frequency of affluence available to you!

Energetic Upgrades done on your field for 12 months

You will receive behind the scenes full system upgrades and healing around abundance, this is deep work done on your energetic field to support the activation of the 28  Affluence Codes and Deactivation of Bondage Codes in your field.  You may require more sleep & rest at these times.

Soul Alliance Weekly Checkins &

Affluence Codes Private FB group for all members

When other powerful souls hold your vision with you, you accelerate manifestation.  The Soul Alliance Weekly Checkins invoke this power of group visioning and provide a container for deeper connection and support with kindred souls. 


You will be in a private FB group with full support in-between activations. To ask any questions, share your wins & receive any bonus FB live activations and upgrades.

4 Day Live Event in Costa Rica 

You will join Tera for a 4 day deep immersion event to deactivate your bondage codes & activate the Affluence Codes in the Vortex of Costa Rica, away from your environment where you can fully receive all the abundance & downloads that are available to you.

36 x Online Affluence Codes Workshops

A webinar delivered to you in the comfort of your own home

● All online events are approx. 1-2 HOURS  in duration.

● They begin with your Activations and finish with Group Coaching.

● Times and Dates are based on Costa Rica time zone.

● All events will be recorded and added to your membership site for lifetime access with in 24 hours of the live webinars & within 2 weeks of the live event.

All the workshops will be organized as a CONTAINER. It allows us to laser focus and support you fully as you ascend into Affluence. (It more or less works like yearly “quarters” working in 3-4 month increments). 













Online Workshops Schedule

The Online Workshops will typically be the first 3 Tuesdays at 3 pm EST, unless there is a holiday or Tera is traveling.

All online events are approx. 1-2 hours in duration.

  • They begin with your Activations and finish with Group Coaching.
  • Times and Dates are based on Costa Rica time zone.
  • All events will be recorded and added to your membership site for lifetime access with in 24 hours of the live webinars & within 2 weeks of the live event.


4 Day Live Event: last week of June in Nosara, Costa Rica., location TBA.          


  • Recordings of live & online events from the past.
  • Recordings of ALL your live & online events added post events.


Experiences From

Our Clients

“I experienced quantum shifts from with Tera. ... What has not changed in my life and business?

I have experienced such increased flow and synchronicities over the past several months on a moment-to-moment basis. It truly is incredible.

There have been so many gifts ... I could write pages.


I received a court settlement —hundreds of thousands of dollars— that had been dragged out for years. It finally resolved itself.

What was once a source of drama I had such peace and detachment, and everything worked out. 


I have met the right contacts and clients in my business. The money keeps flowing in.

The peace and feeling of joy I feel in my life is priceless.'


Sean Jigolyk, CEO of international Fiber-Optics company

After working with Tera, my relationship with my wife is 100% better. I see and experience the world differently. Before working with Tera I went to conferences not only to learn, also to get away from home, to get a break from the stress and crazyness. Now I wish my wife.

Allen Atkinson, Photographer & Healer

My name is Kaliya, I've been a VIP client of Tera for 18 months now. On last year's retreat I had a vision/goal of earning 20K per month and be thriving in my career. I've worked with Tera to shift my energy/up-level my identity and clear the field with my professional colleagues. I am pleased to share that in October I actually cleared over 20k. It's not about the money, though it's where I am as a person - I knew that just thinking wouldn't get me to this place. I had to do energy work. As a woman working in tech there are real barriers that can't just be pushed on, they have to be transformed. If you are thinking about working more with Tera - I recommend it. It has made a big difference for me.

Kaliya Young, Speaker & Consultant

I've had the great opportunity to be working with Tera Maxwell for 3 years.
I studied science, and my business is built around strategies, systems, really hard core business strategies. I knew that there was something that she had that I really needed to get to the next level.


Working with Tera, I actually now have a company that is at a seven figure run right now, and that's definitely not the case when I first started working with her, and what she's helped me be able to do is unlock some things within myself that has allowed me to really invite in that level of abundance. And there was just so much healing that came along with it.

I learned how to align & create in my family, and have my business coexist in our life in a way that my whole family really respects, appreciates, and supports me with.

 I can't recommend highly enough working with Tera, if you feel like it’s your next step and if you are a leader that is really out to make a big difference in the world, it's been a phenomenal investment working with Tera and I'm so happy to recommend her.

Mandi Ellfeson, CEO & Business Coach

The realm of infinite possibilities is within YOU.

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Founder of the Affluence Codes™

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. understands transformation. From college dropout to Ph.D., she is the leading expert on affluence, assisting leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries to dissolve upper limits to unleash a life of true freedom and abundance. She is the founder of the Affluence Codes™. Her scholarly work on trauma and intergenerational memories informs her signature QuantumX Method™, which includes healing emotional blocks and ancestral patterns. Tera helps high achievers realize their freedom vision from a place of ease and flow, not the hustle. She now lives in Costa Rica with three children and enjoys leading transformational retreats, mentoring leaders, and surfing. To learn more, go to teramaxwell.com

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