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If you feel called to Fully Activate the 24 Affluence Codes & De-activate All Bondage Codes and have me by your side and on your team,..


I invite you to apply for The Affluence Codes Mastermind.


This is a 12 month journey where you will Activate all your Affluence codes, open your channel for greater co-creation with the universe, receive full system upgrades & de-activate the Bondage Codes within your field for maximum abundance


  • DISCOVER The 5 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS and which ones are dormant awaiting activation in your field.

  • DEACTIVATE BONDAGE CODES that put a cap on achieving your biggest goals and creating more money flow. 

  • DISCOVER how to manifest more money & abundance through more play, less work.

  • RECALL your 5D soul memory of abundance to create your life of freedom from a place of ease & flow.

  • ACTIVATE dormant strands of energetic DNA in a channeled Activation to access more power as the conscious creator of your reality.

  • RECEIVE a deep ‘Debt Shame’ DE-ACTIVATION to shift you into the next layer of receiving & open up the channels of money trying to flow into your physical world right now.

  • BE PART OF a global healing on Affluence, De-Activating ”SCARCITY & LACK CODES” and activating the dormant strands of DNA necessary to awaken, to heal the collective and activate an influx of affluence into the whole world, for all of humanity to access and enjoy.


Please book a non-obligation complementary phone chat with Tera!


In this chat Tera will ask you about your specific goals and work out if this is the right mastermind for you.


Please only book in if you are 100% committed to your Vision!


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Once again, I honor you and your commitment to your vision!


Remember, Affluence is your Birthright. 


Much Love,



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