Freedom Frequency Upgrade:

Breakthrough to the Next Level of Freedom & Abundance

A FREE 5 Day Immersion to Expand Your

Manifestation Capacity for Life & Business through

Activating your Freedom Frequency

Join us for this 5 Day Immersion with Daily Frequency Upgrades

& a Galactic Live Activation for FREE...


Freedom is defined as the ability to go after your dreams, no matter what. 


It means knowing you have the power to create the resources to follow your heart’s desires.


When we UPGRADE your FREEDOM FREQUENCY, through activating  DORMANT AFFLUENCE  CODES within your field, it literally shifts you into accessing higher dimensions of your Divine Being, so you open to receiving the next layers of money and abundance available to you right now. 


Are you ready to plug into the frequency of freedom on a deeper level than you have ever experienced? 


For the FIRST time ever, I am running a 5 Day Immersion to access your Freedom Frequency so you can expand your capacity to manifest the next layers of freedom & abundance. 


I will be sharing portions from The Freedom Frequency Upgrade, one of 5 containers in my Affluence Codes year-long MasterHeartMind for the entrepreneurs, influencers, and visionaries who are called to support this GREAT AWAKENING on the planet. These are the exact containers I activated in my field over the past 13 years to live my dreams of profound freedom & abundance.


I am sharing this so you don’t have to go what I went through. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and made many mistakes along the way. 


When we are aligned with our desire, we upgrade with more grace and ease.

I feel passionate to share this knowledge with you, so you can live your dreams too. 




Because every human being deserves to live a life of true affluence, which starts with inner freedom. 


Abundance is our divine birthright. 


We all came to earth to remember who we are as Creators, living our dreams and co-creating a better world for future generations. 


And it starts with you and me…

During this 5 Day Immersion, followed by an online live activation, we will DISSOLVE one of the largest Affluence- destroying containers in humanity right now. The Bondage Code of Control  has literally kept humans enslaved for thousands of years! And it keeps us from experiencing freedom! 

We will REPAIR severed links between you and the frequency of Sovereignty so you have command over your intentions to materialize your desire into physical reality.


THE SOVEREIGNTY CODE (OF THE 28 AFFLUENCE CODES) is essential to manifesting abundance because when we don’t truly own our Sovereignty, we hold back and do not give ourselves permission to receive money (and ALL other forms of abundance) in the physical world.

In this online 5 Day Challenge you will :

DISCOVER the 7 dormant AFFLUENCE CODES [out of 28 dormant Affluence Codes[ that upgrade you to the Frequency of Freedom] and walk away with a clear assessment of which ones are still awaiting activation in your field.


DEACTIVATE BONDAGE CODES that create an upper limit on achieving your biggest goals and creating more abundance.


LEARN how to activate the frequency of CERTAINTY to manifest your dreams with steadfastness and ease and eliminate self- doubt. 


UNLOCK your POWER as a conscious creator to create your life of freedom from a place of ease & flow.


UNDERSTAND the 5 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS that anchor in the frequencies of the Affluence Codes so you can fully come online as your highest self & manifest like a galactic ninja.

ACTIVATE dormant strands of energetic DNA in a channeled LIVE Activation on Day 5 to access more divine power & spiritual gifts.


RECEIVE a profound DEACTIVATION of the 3 Bondage Codes that Curtail True Freedom so you can fully show up as the BadAss spiritual leader that you are. 


BE PART OF a global healing on AFFLUENCE & FREEDOM, De-Activating BONDAGE CODES THAT CREATE AN UPPER LIMIT ON ACHIEVING ONE’S GOALS and activating the dormant strands of DNA necessary to awaken, to heal the collective and activate an influx of FREEDOM & AFFLUENCE into the whole world, for all of humanity to access and enjoy.

This is an ACTIVATION from my AFFLUENCE CODES Program, I have never shared it with the public, and I have never shared it for FREE!


Yet I feel deeply called to share it now, so here it is :)


This is the same work I share with my clients, so you are experiencing my signature body of work as if you had invested in it also.


I am thrilled to know what happens in your world after you receive this upgrade.




1. I am here to assist in the evolution of humanity & I want you to live your freedom vision!


2. If you are a world changer with a powerful vision of freedom & impact, when you experience how powerful this body of work is, I trust you will​ be back for more when you are ready!!!!

This is such a powerful time

to be alive on this earth.

We are powerful creators.

Our potential is infinite!


We get to be free!


💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫



Much Love,


Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Founder of the Affluence Codes™

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