Quantum GPS™ is for 

entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives,

 driven to becoming the highest version of themselves.


Who naturally desire to serve,


Who dare to manifest the life of their dreams,

without settling or selling out. 




 Activate Your Quantum GPS™,

Navigate Your Life with Certainty


Quantum GPS™ is an 8-week journey uniquely designed to:


✦   Shift from self-doubt to self-trust to realize your goals with more ease.


✦  Increase your clarity and confidence about the next step, even when facing the unknown.


✦  Cultivate a deep connection to your internal state of knowing, to access the answers you already have within. 


Why is CERTAINTY so important to manifest our dreams?

Because if we don't have certainty,

we repel the very thing we desire to manifest . . . 



noun  (sɜr·tən·ti)

1. the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something: 

2. the sure knowledge that something is true:

3. something that has no possibility of any other result; something that you know will happen in a particular way”


Cambridge English Dictionary 

Everyone has a Quantum GPS™.

But is yours fully activated? 


This 8-week program gives you the tools and frequency upgrades to activate your personal Divine navigation system:

["Divine," "Soul," "God," "quantum," "consciousness:"

these are all words to describe one's connection to an eternal, all-knowing source of infinite intelligence, that is accessible to every human being.]

 Discern what is the next step in your life and business, every moment, and gain the rerouting tools to quickly correct course when you are off-track.


  Make decisions from your heart, which is the key to manifesting, rather than being governed by the ego/ mind. 


  Increase trust in your intuition and overcome fear and self-doubt.


  Optimize your time, resources, and gifts through focusing on what is aligned with the highest version of yourself. 


 Learn how to discover the optimal timeline for your life to experience better results and achieve your goals.




 Experience increased flow, to receive the opportunities, connections, miracles, and abundance that support your dream.


 Become empowered with the tools and connected to your innate wisdom, using your gifts to support the paradigm shift for our planet.


 Feel more fulfilled and content with your life and your choices. 

The Journey

4 Step Process


On Your Soul-inspired Destination


Your Mind Body Spirit Vehicle


Your Navigation System


With Direction & Purpose

The Upgrades

Module 1:

Connecting to Mission & Purpose. Discerning Your Soul's Truth. Upleveling Decisiveness & Commitment.

Module 2:

Deciding on a Destination. Manifesting a Soul-Aligned Vision. Transmuting Fears & Self-Doubt

Module 3:

Access Divine Support. Connect to a 24/7 Rerouting System. Deepen the Practice of Surrender 

Module 4:

Work in the Quantum Realm. Optimize Your Receivership for Clarity. Cultivate Increased Trust in Your Intuition. 

Module 5:

Transcend Limiting Patterns & Get Unstuck from Loops, Heal Unconscious Childhood & Ancestral Imprints that Hold Us Back from Greatness

Module 6:

Encode New Belief Programs and Decode Limiting Beliefs​ 

Module 7:

Embody Your Future Self Identity 

Week 8:

Lead Your Life with Focused Direction, Confidence, & Purpose


 8 Weekly 90 min live workshops & laser-coaching

Weekly Energy tune-ups & activations

✦ 2 - 30 min private coaching sessions with one of our Quantum GPS™ coaches.

✦ FB support group.

✦ Members website access for life to recordings & activations.

Activate your Quantum GPS™  to materialize your vision into physical reality

 as you step onto the highest timeline available to you!

Weekly workshops, connection, & support from Tera & the Quantum GPS™ team

Together, we take you on this journey, holding your hand until you activate and embody the Quantum GPS™, your own navigation system.

Weekly energy transmission & activations

To clear the blockages, limiting beliefs, energetic imprints, and ancestral & karmic patterns that hold you back from the next level of success.

Quantum GPS™ Private FB group for all members

In our journey of remembering ONENESS, we are not meant to do this alone! 

In the Quantum GPS community, you can develop lifelong friendships with like-minded souls to raise your frequency and support your timeline shift to set you up for success.

You also will receive full support in-between activations in the Telegram group, to ask any questions, share your wins & support you to stay at a high frequency.

8 x Online Quantum GPS™ Workshops

A webinar delivered to you in the comfort of your own home

Recordings and membership site so you can watch the trainings at your convenience and listen again to integrate.

● All online events are approx. 1-2 hours in duration.

● Times and Dates are based on Eastern time zone.

● All events will be recorded and added to your membership site for lifetime access with in 24 hours of the live webinars.

Quantum GPS™ is the prerequisite course for all my clients in Affluence Codes year-long Mastermind as well as those who desire to continue with the more advanced study of the Quantum GPS™ Level 2 and 3 quantum healing & alignment technology to use for yourself and to work with others.


Level 1ACTIVATE your Quantum GPS™:

Live coaching & training to teach how to access one's personal navigation system and work in the quantum to manifest one's vision.. Energetic upgrades & shifting subconscious beliefs and patterns are facilitated by Tera & in bonus private sessions with the Quantum GPS™ coaches.


Level 2: EMPOWER:

 Students learn the healing & alignment technology to empower themselves to shift subconscious beliefs, emotional blocks, & limiting patterns to maintain consistent alignment with their vision. .


Level 3 MASTER:

The Quantum GPS™ certification course is offered to practitioners, healers, and coaches who desire mastery of this quantum alignment & healing technology in order to serve others. 


The 4 day event is held in person in Costa Rica in July 2022. 

QUANTUM GPS™ LEVEL 1: ACTIVATE Your Navigation System

October - November 2021



January-February 2022



A Certification Program for Coaches, Healers, & Therapists

July 2022

To apply, please click on the link below,  

Experiences From

Our Clients

I am part of Tera’s year long master mind group and I attended her Costa Rica retreat in January.  Since joining her program I’ve been able to uplevel my energy around money and affluence and now enjoy a feeling of trust and ease as I relate to and create abundance and expansion in my life.  The awesome part is that I am really enjoying the play, the adventure, the journey of feeling the bounty that’s already there.


 Her work is direct, and simple.  All you have to do is open to a new reality, and she is there housing the vision until you are ready to choose.  I feel blessed to be part of this incredible group.  Tera attracts high vibe, high quality leaders who are ready to serve with love and from compassionate hearts, and this really matters to me.  


The affluence is something that is heart based, uplifting humanity and serving from a calm and connected heart.


I am so happy I’ve connected with Tera and her team and I highly recommend her program and her journeys to everyone.  She is an amazing co-creator & is highly timed into Spirit.  She can empower you to remember who you truly are.

Dev Avtar

I've had the great opportunity to be working with Tera Maxwell for 3 years.

I studied science, and my business is built around strategies, systems, really hard core business strategies. I knew that there was something that she had that I really needed to get to the next level.


Working with Tera, I actually now have a company that is at a seven figure run right now, and that's definitely not the case when I first started working with her, and what she's helped me be able to do is unlock some things within myself that has allowed me to really invite in that level of abundance. And there was just so much healing that came along with it.

I learned how to align & create in my family, and have my business coexist in our life in a way that my whole family really respects, appreciates, and supports me with.

 I can't recommend highly enough working with Tera, if you feel like it’s your next step and if you are a leader that is really out to make a big difference in the world, it's been a phenomenal investment working with Tera and I'm so happy to recommend her.

Mandi Ellefson

Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee

Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee

This program was created from my heart to serve and support you in realizing the next highest version of yourself.


If you attended all the calls live, sincerely asked for support when you needed it, received the bonus private coaching sessions, and completed the integration work, 


In other words, if you gave your 100% to this program, and you did not feel an improvement in your confidence, self-trust, and/ or calm that comes from aligning to your authentic true self, then let us know, and we will refund your investment.


Please keep all the content, tools, and knowledge for when you are ready to shift.  

Much love,


We get to be free. 

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Founder of the Affluence Codes™

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. understands transformation. From college dropout to Ph.D., she is the leading expert on affluence, assisting leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries to dissolve upper limits to unleash a life of true freedom and abundance. She is the founder of the Affluence Codes™. Her scholarly work on trauma and intergenerational memories informs her signature Quantum GPS™ Method, which includes healing emotional blocks and ancestral patterns.

Tera helps high achievers realize their freedom vision from a place of ease and flow, not the hustle. She now lives in Costa Rica with three children and enjoys leading transformational retreats, mentoring leaders, and surfing. To learn more, go to teramaxwell.com

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