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Are you ready to activate DORMANT AFFLUENCE  CODES within your field at such a deep level, that it literally shifts you into accessing all dimensions of your abundant being, so you open to receiving the next layer of freedom, money, and abundance available to you right now? 


YES!! You say.




For the FIRST time ever, I am sharing my 5 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS with the world.


These are the exact containers I activated in my field over the past 11 years to live my dreams of profound freedom & abundance.


I now have the courage and compelling desire to share this knowledge with you, so you can live your dreams also. 



Because I believe affluence is our birth right, and we all came to earth to remember who we are as Creators, living our dreams and showing others it is possible too.


During this online activation we will DISSOLVE one of the largest Affluence- destroying containers in

humanity right now. It is has literally kept humans in bondage for thousands of years! 


REPAIR severed links between you and the frequency of money so you can shift to being available to

receiving money (and ALL other forms of abundance) in the physical world.

In this online event you will :

  • DISCOVER The 5 AFFLUENCE CONTAINERS and which ones are dormant awaiting activation in your field.

  • DEACTIVATE BONDAGE CODES that put a cap on achieving your biggest goals and creating more money flow. 

  • DISCOVER how to manifest more money & abundance through more play, less work.

  • RECALL your 5D soul memory of abundance to create your life of freedom from a place of ease & flow.

  • ACTIVATE dormant strands of energetic DNA in a channeled Activation to access more power as the conscious creator of your reality.

  • RECEIVE a deep ‘Debt Shame’ DEACTIVATION to shift you into the next layer of receiving & open up the channels of money trying to flow into your physical world right now.

  • BE PART OF a global healing on Affluence, De-Activating ”SCARCITY & LACK CODES” and activating the dormant strands of DNA necessary to awaken, to heal the collective and activate an influx of affluence into the whole world, for all of humanity to access and enjoy.

This is an ACTIVATION from my AFFLUENCE CODES Program, I have never shared it with the public, and I have never shared it for FREE!


Yet I feel deeply called to share it now, so here it is :)


This is the same work I share with my clients, so you are experiencing my signature body of work as if you had invested in it also.


I am thrilled to know what happens in your world after you receive this upgrade.






1. I am here to assist in the evolution of humanity & I want you to live your freedom vision!


2. If you are a leader with a BIG vision of freedom & impact, when you experience how powerful this body of work is, I trust you will​ be back for more when you are ready!!!!


This is such a powerful time to be alive on this earth. We are powerful creators. Our potential is infinite!


You get to be free.


Much Love,



Tera Maxwell Ph.D

Founder of the Affluence Codes

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. understands transformation. From college dropout to Ph.D., she is the leading expert on affluence, assisting entrepreneurs to dissolve limiting beliefs and design a life of freedom and abundance. She is the founder of the Affluence Codes™. Her scholarly work on trauma and intergenerational memories informs her signature Conscious Reality Creation Method™, which includes healing emotional blocks and ancestral patterns. Tera helps high achievers realize their freedom vision from a place of ease and flow, not hustle. She now lives in Costa Rica with her husband and three children, leading transformational retreats, coaching entrepreneurs, and surfing. To learn more, go to

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